Ulysses (2007)

We travel when something moves us…

Ulysses started as an ambition to transcribe the inventions of Joyce’s novel into movement. While discovering the novel, Ulysses evolved into a personal account of a journey: the physical journey of eight weeks, as well as the journey through the book, by reading, feeling and understanding Joyce’s work. The journey was conveyed in the performance through various media: through photos, sound, song, sketch, written word, …

The performance was created on locations which could be followed through maps on an interactive website, being updated weekly. While the journey lasted and in response to it, sketches, photographs, movements, recordings of sound and of light were collected. Every week they were woven into “threads” 1-8, which, together with the performance, constituted the whole image of the journey. The ninth and central thread was being woven in live.

The premiere happened on November 6th in SAZU, Ljubljana.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Rebuplic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana.

Ulysses performance video