All in one boat

We’ll be working on ensemble improvisation. What is happening while we weave the fabric together, in a shared time-space? How can I feed my interest, and survive this situation?

Different then a »how to« learning approach, we’ll try for a “do – naming what happened – do another one…” approach. We’ll attempt and (probably) fail at listening and working together as a large group. We’ll name what happens and (probably) fail at understanding each other, in spoken language and in movement.

Probably, each of us will take a different time, to observe and accept what is happening to them.

This recognition of where-we-are could be our common starting point, as an ensemble.

Then, it’ll be about reinvention. There’s some hope that over the five days of the workshop we’ll have a learning curve as an ensemble. For example: how to do nothing. Or, how to fail better. Or, how to delay an imminent disaster. Or, add-in a flavor….which perhaps references something that happened before, making that a composition… which, if recognized, can be developed further…

One probably can’t win against an ocean. But one can sit and watch the rolling waves, learning about their patterns and their unpredictability. Then, we still need to set sail for the unknown.