Straight, no chaser (Contact Improvisation)

I perceive Contact Improvisation (CI) as a platform for exploration, where several people agree to share/co-create a working environment in order to each work on what they are interested in, without impeding others from doing the same.

I believe CI is to be transmitted by experience and discovery, rather then belief. I myself have fallen into it via a combination of reading about it (Contact Quarterly) and jamming… My task as a teacher will be to create an environment where this experience-oriented learning process can unravel.

In order to create a space for dancing, the first thing we’ll look at will be how not to get injured while practicing. While going to the limits and beyond of what you know. While following what you are interested in, not yet knowing what it will be. Working on reflexual reaction, using structural strength.

Next, how to have a flexible mind, how to adapt to the response(s) of my partner. In the extreme case, how to say “no” and how to hear/acknowledge it, when a “no” is being said to you. Easier said then done.

After that, it’ll be about exploration. Everything is possible, we’ll name and talk about it as we go.