Still – workshop

I name as »still« that time and place of arrival, where for a moment my otherwise constant need for change vanishes. This moment can be shared with my partner(s), whether it manifests as stillness or in motion. 
How long does this moment of arrival last? How do we recognise it? Can my partner(s) and I agree on it, as it occurs? How does this place dissolve, and into what? What traces does it leave behind? How are this processes perceived from the outside? Where is »outside«?
In a search for “still-ness”, I’ve been answering and finding new questions like the ones above, since 2013. 
Through performing, teaching and collaborations, the focus of »still« is researching the processes that unravel in an improvisation performance with at least two protagonists, dancers or other, with or without an audience. I propose, that a useful body is(am) a body that can save itself(myself), even when moving faster than conscious thought.
To improve this ability, each day will also include a training, where we’ll work simultaneously on strength and elasticity, on sensitivity and explosiveness. We’ll work on improving our personal capacities, whatever they are; moving towards building trust with our-selves(-bodies). To then be able to trust-in and to relax-into the processes of the present moment.