Ples Dotika (Touching dance)

Contact Improvisation, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Swing, martial arts, manual therapy, Shiatsu, massage, etc…. What all these crafts and skills have in common is the human touch as the medium for communication.

The objective of this workshop is to offer more freedom and ideas in the process of interaction with a partner. As well as to offer a perspective to reflect from and material for further development.

Therefore, Touching Dance. Where each of the partners perceives the other as a part (and not necessarily the epicenter) of the environment, which they themselves are moving in. But this space of movement is still my own. I get to shape it myself, within the opportunities / situations my partner offers me. While my partner does the same, vice versa.

In the workshop we won’t be learning new steps, and won’t aspire to merge already existing styles. Instead, we’ll work on what all styles have in common; the undertone of sensibility and communication. Applying this to your specific craft will be your task and satisfaction.

What is communicated through touch? How to perceive and respond to the responses of my partner? How to collaborate with them? How not to step on them? How not to be scared of touching them? How not to fear to make a suggestion? How to feel, even with eyes closed? But also, how to clearly establish and maintain a personal space with its borders, when that is necessary?

This workshop will be of interest to dance lovers with any experience; professional, as well as non- . But also to therapists, teachers, improvisers, Argentine Tango dancers, martial arts practitioners. Each of us that can read has a certain knowledge of the body, which is enough for a good start. And so, any working environment I can offer to my partner will be a part of a unique, worthy platform for communication and dance.

You’re welcome both to come alone or with your partner – during workshop we’ll be switching regularly.