2025 – April 13, Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)
doing the A Report on Contactfestival Freiburg 2023 event, at Limonaia Theatre, produced by Company Blu

2025 – April 12-16, Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) 
teaching a contact improvisation Straight, no chaser workshop, as a part of the Danza d’Origine Personale course, held by Company Blu

2025 – January 6-17, Torres Vedras (P)
teaching a contact improvisation workshop, as a part of the Performact two-year professional dance program
2024 – September 8-15, Chisinau (Moldova)
teaching a four-day contact improvisation intensive course, at the Moldova Festival Contact+ 
2024 – September 3-8, Napoli 
participating in and teaching a contact improvisation class, at Vesuvius Contact Festival 
2024 – August 22-31, Ljubljana 
teaching nine consecutive morning classes for PARL, offering feedback for the residents in the afternoon

2024 – June 28-30, Stromboli (Italy)
community laboratory leading into performance, named Goldberg a gocce, at Marosi Festival 2024 

2024 – May 10-12, Vienna
teaching an open workshop of Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores Practice , organised by Danceability Austria

2024 – April 27, Firenze
teaching Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Score Practice workshop at Gada Cultural Center 

2024 – April 15-19, Funchal (Madeira)
teaching Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Score Practice, to Dançando com a Diferença company

2024 – April 7, Istanbul
doing the A Report on Contactfestival Freiburg 2023 event, at Çıplak Ayaklar Company space

2024 – April 5-6, Istanbul
teaching an open classe of contact improvisation, at Mimar Sinan University

2024 – March 28-30, Istanbul
teaching a Touching Dance workshop, at Çatı Contemporary Dance Artist’s Association

2024 – February 24-25, Toulouse
teaching a Still workshop on duet improvisation, for ICI Toulouse

2024 – February 10-11, Zagreb
teaching an Improvisation for contacters workshop

2024 – January 26, Ljubljana
taking part in the Dejmo se zavrtet al pa vsaj premaknt performance, by Tomaž & Zavod Sploh

2024 – January 15 – February 2, Zagreb
teaching a morning class and an afternoon lab, at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADU) 



2023 – December 11-20, Ljubljana

teaching an improvisation workshop at AME dance accademy, for the academy participants only

2022 – November 12, Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)
an improvised performance by Claudia Catarzi, Nicola Cisternino and Jurij Konjar, at Limonaia theatre, Sesto Fiorentino, at 18h. Produced by Company Blu

2023 – November 11-15, Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) 
teaching a contact improvisation Straight, no chaser workshop, as a part of the Danza d’Origine Personale course, held by Company Blu

2023 – October 21-22, Poggio Mirteto Scalo (Rome)
teaching an open All in one boat workshop in Poggio Mirteto Scalo (Rome). Part of DRIN

2023 – October 9-13, Sarajevo
A somatic approach to dance for actors , a workshop for a mixed groups of actors and dancers. Produced by SARTR theatre

2023 – September 7, Ljubljana
A report on Freiburg Contactfestival 2023,  a discursive event with elements of a performance and a workshop , in CK Španski Borci, Ljubljana 

2023 – August 17-26, Ljubljana 
teaching at PARL, ninety-minute morning sessions for nine consecutive days, and supporting the PARL residents in the afternoon

2023 – August 1-5, Munich
teaching the All in one boat  workshop at Tanzwerksatt Europa  

2023 – July 8-9, Pergola (Italy) 
teaching a contact improvisation workshop, at Alter Art Festival

2023 – July 7, Pergola (Italy)
performing the Goldberg Variations at the Alter Art Festival

2023 – June 19-25, Serradifalco (Sicily)
performance and a three day Dynamics of Dialogue workshop, at Performare Festival 

2023 – June 19-25, Stromboli (Italy)
creation and performance, at Marosi Festival 

2023 – March 7-8, Firenze

teaching a Dynamics of dialogue workshop for collettivo.scena

2023 – March 4-5, Firenze
teaching a Still workshop on duet improvisation, at Cango 

2023 – March 4-5, Firenze
performances of the Goldberg Variations (by Jurij Konjar, after Steve Paxton), at Cango

2023 – February 24-26, Napoli

teaching a contact improvisation workshop Straight, no chaser, a part of DRIN, at Art Garage Art Garage, in Pozzuoli



2022 – December 10-14, Firenze 
teaching the After 50 years of Contact Improvisation workshop as a part of the Danza di Origine Protetta course. Hosted by Company Blu
2022 – December 10, Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)
Fermentations, an improvised performance of dancers and musicians, at Limonaia theatre, Sesto Fiorentino. Produced by Company Blu

2022 – December 3-4, Bologna 
teaching the After 50 years of Contact Improvisation workshop in Bologna

2022 – November 23-26, Vienna
facilitating an inclusive dancelab titled Finding ground in the fog, for
2022 – November 17-19, Ljubljana
celebrating the 50 years of contact improvisation at Živa festival with discussions, classes, jams and demonstrations, more info here
2022 – October 28-30, Aouste-sur-Sye (F)
teaching the Dynamics of Dialogue workshop, hosted by the Raprochées association
2022 – October 23-24, Ljubljana
the premiere of Poka / To crack a tear, a dance ode for one performer. Co-created by Jurij Konjar and Mirjana Medojević
2022 – October 20, Ljubljana
the premiere of Showtime performance, directed by Hristina Vasić Tomše, choreographed by Jurij Konjar
2022 – September 19, Ljubljana
performing a Neforma at CK Španski Borci, with Damir Prica Kafka-Capri and Tena Novak
2022 – September 17, Lesno Brdo (SI)
an improvised collaborative performance with Kaja Draksler and Georg Wissa, at the Bučno festival
2022 – September 5-9, Torres Vedras (P)
teaching Dynamics of Dialogue  at the Summer Intensive festival

2022 – August 25-27, Ljubljana 
teaching at PARL

2022 – August 24, Zadar (CRO)
a performance of the Biodegradables solo at the Monoplay festival

2022 – August  2-6, Munich
teaching the 50 years of Contact Improvisation workshop at Tanzwerksatt Europa

2022 – July 7-11, Oberlin (OH) USA
participating at the CI@50 conference, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Contact Improvisation

2022 – May 23 – June 24, Rome
At Accademia Nazionale di Danza, teaching an improvisation course to the master’s students and creating an improvised performance for the 3rd year students. Performance on 4-6 July on the Palco Ore at L’Accademia. 

2022 – May 6-19, Sarajevo
May 6-19, guiding the movement research for the theatre performance Bordel Eden (working title), under the direction of Mirjana Medojević, which premiered in Sarajevo on June 10th. A production of the Sarajevo National Theatre

2022 – April 18-22, Trégunc (F)
teaching  Co-creating a working habitat workshop (here, the workshop announcement) in Trégunc, Bretagne

2022 – February 18 – March 31st , Oberlin (OH) USA
co-teaching the Spring Term Varsity Contact class with Prof. Ann Cooper Albright at the Oberlin College dance department

2022 – January 25 – February 17 , Oberlin (OH) USA
teaching and leading the research at/for the Winter Term course, at the Oberlin College dance department


2021 – December 7-9 , Ghent

in residency with sound artist Charo Calvo, for her research project at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen & De Krook

2021 – November 11-13, Ljubljana
teaching contact improvisation at the Živa youth dance festival in Ljubljana

2021 – October 22- 23, Pacug (SI)

a Skok čez Luno / Dance Out Of Line mixed-ability international partner meeting

2021 – October 9, Madrid

a concert performance of the Goldberg Variations at the Fundación Juan March, with Dani Espasa on harpsichord 

2021 – September 10 – 27,  Ljubljana
Skok čez Luno / Dance Out Of Line mixed-ability EU Erasmus+ international art project in schools

2021 – September 8-9 , Ljubljana
performances of the Biološki odpadki / Biodegradables solo at CK Španski Borci

2021 – July 27-31, Munich
teaching Dynamics of dialogue workshop at Tanzwerksatt Europa, Munich 

2021 – July 21-25, Munich
giving class at the dance academy camp Solid Ground, Munich 

2021 – July 9, Firenze

an outdoor performance of the Goldberg Variations (by Jurij Konjar, after Steve Paxton) at Pista di Pattinaggio, Festival Cantieri Culturali Firenze 

 2021 – July 5 – 9, Firenze
teaching “Dancing the Goldberg Variations” workshop, 15 hours over the course of five days

2021 – June 14 – 22, Sostro (SI)
Skok čez Luno / Dance Out Of Line mixed-ability EU Erasmus+  international art project in schools

2021 – June 10 , Ljubljana
a performance of the Biološki odpadki / Biodegradables solo at CK Španski Borci

2021 – April 16, Ljubljana
internal PREMIERE of solo Biološki Odpadki / Biodegradables at CK Španski Borci
The performance is produced by DUM Društvo Umetnikov and co-produced by Društvo za umetnost giba ZaTo and CK Španski Borci



2020 – December 29, Ljubljana

publishing online a draft for an article titled The function of dance as a part of Choreographic turn #2 , produced by Nomad Dance Accademy Slovenia

2020 – December 7&19, Ljubljana and Maribor (SI)
performing Zavezano by Katja Legin, an online performance: in  Kino Šiška on Dec 7th and on Dec 19th in Center za Kreativnost, Maribor, as a part of IZLOŽBA// Serija performativnih gest, produced by Nagib.
2020 – October 21-23, Valcivieres (Auvergne)

teaching the Dancing the Goldberg Variations workshop (14 hours),  with Goldberg Variations performance (on Friday, 23.10.) and a talk about the creative process, all at Mû association

2020 – October 10, Sofia
performing the Goldberg Variations at the Antistatic festival, as a part of the International Choreographic Meeting at the NDK National Palace of Culture
2020 – September 22-24, Lesno Brdo – Krušče – Ljubljana
Ventilator: Trip – tih: Katja, Jurij, Samo. Performances in Lesno Brdo, in Krušče and in Ljubljana at CK Španski Borci. Together with Katja Legin and Samo Kutin.

2020 – September 17 – Oct 1, Slovenia
Skok čez Luno / Dance Out Of Line mixed-ability EU Erasmus+ international art project in schools

2020 – August 31 – September 2, Ljubljana 
teaching at PARL, 6 hours in total

2020 – June 17-20, Ljubljana
performing Zveze/Connections, with Irena Z. Tomažin, and Tomaž Grom,  
at Spider Festival  
2020 – June 8, Nova Gorica
performing Ponedeljek ob osmih (Monday at eight) at SNG Nova Gorica  
2020 – June 4, Ljubljana 
performing Ventilator #3: Katja, Jurij, Samo – an improvisation performance, together with Katja Legin and Samo Kutin, at CK Španski Borci video
2020 – February 21, Bilbao
Flat (Steve Paxton, 1964)
Goldberg Variations (Jurij Konjar, after Steve Paxton), 
+ staging Satisfyin’ Lover (Steve Paxton, 1967)
@ the opening of the Drafting Interior Techniques exhibition at Azkuna Zentroa

2020 – January 14, Ljubljana
performing Ventilator #3: Katja, Jurij, Zlatko: Srečanje #1 at CK Španski Borci


2019 – December 27-28, Barcelona
teaching Improvisation for contacters, a CI workshop at the Barcelona New Year Dance Festival 

2019 – November 30 – December 1, Vienna
teaching Dynamics of dialogue workshop for MAD coproductions, at TQ studios 


2019 – November 16-17, Strasbourg
teaching Co-creating a working habitat, a workshop at CIRA

2019 – October 18, Maribor
performing Neforma: Zlatko Kaučič, Katja Legin, Jurij Konjar at Lutkovno Gledališče Maribor

2019 – September 23 – December 11, Slovenia
Skok čez Luno / Dance Out Of Line mixed-ability EU-funded international art project in schools

2019 – September 11-20, Nice
co-organizing the International Summer School of improvisation at Villa Arcon

2019 – September 7, Gdansk
presenting the idea, principal and plans of Habitat at the Polish Dance Platform

2019 – August 21-25, Ghent
curating and joining a workshop festival Out Of The Toolbox 2019 in Ghent. Here, the list of workshops and teachers

2019 – August 10, Freiburg
teaching Improvisation for contacters at Contactfestival Freiburg

2019 – July 15-19, Syros
teaching contact improvisation at Akropoditi Dance Centre

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