The gravity of watching

How does being watched influence my state of being? As an observer, what changes does my physique go through as I am observing a dance? What am I communicating to the dance(r)? Andhow does watching something influence what I do next?

We’ll work on a score of changing roles between two partners: that of the doer and the observer. Working simultaneously in couples and in a group of couples. The observer is the one that decides when he switches into the doer. The doer thinks he recognizes the shift and immediately becomes the observer. Sometimes, crossovers and dissonances happen, feed or challenge what is happening, last for a while and resolve into next. The two partners can either touch or not, be close or distant, move through space or not, stop or not.

Many couples work in the space simultaneously. They collaborate in creating a supportive working environment for each other. They meet in space and cross over; they influence each other consciously and unconsciously. The observer makes connections between all he sees; or connections appear to the senses of the observer.

It’s a jam; where the touch and exchange of weight can be replaced by a tactile mutual attention. To go deeper, we’ll try naming in words what is happening, then repeat, applying necessary tools. The observer has an active role in this play and repeatedly finds himself right int the middle of it.