Tools that work, Tools at work

How to create platforms, where learning can happen, but where everyone feels included?

This workshop will introduce some tools, and suggestions how to work with them. For smoother sailing of your own seas (or kanals, rivers…). The objective is for all to go away being able to practice and experiment with these, on their own.

We’ll touch upon:

  • Noticing space, in relation to our movement through space. Stopping and walking.
  •  Noticing the movement of the eyes, in relation to the rest of the body
  •  Discovering sensation with eyes closed. In couples.  
  •  Playing with weight, surrendering a part of weight, mutual sharing
  •  Salsa hands, in couple, as a group. Pliability.
  •  Music is everything! How musicality is all you need in different styles of social dancing. How to find the “1”. What if you don’t have an ear for music?
  • Argentine Tango as just walking, stepping on the beat.
  • Repeating something you’ve just done. How to.  
  • Practicing the position of the observer in the space, amongst the doers
  • Inventing games (“scores”) that engage our attention for a certain amount of time. Learning how to share, and sustain the interest in a particular game.
  •  Improvising/being-together in a couple – how can I create a common platform and sustain it.
  •   The importance of stopping
  •  What does it mean, to dance together as a group, while still being different?
  • Letting the inteligence of my body “kick in”, to save me. The (controling) mind becoming an observer.

The above tools touch on some familiar Brands; such as Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Salsa, Rhythm, Argentine Tango, Fitness, Martial Arts, Manual Therapy, Non-violent Communication, Performance, Composition, Instant Composition, Musicality in Movement, Auditing, Tuning Scores,… and of course Contemporary Dance. And yet there’s no need to work on styles, and their recognisable/exclusive aesthetics/ways. Instead, through games/setups, we can work on some underlying principles these disciplines share.

Finally, this will be a workshop of crafts of communication, group organization, awareness. Or, to say it differently, working and learning together, with/from each other.

Do come. Learning is fun.