Co-creating a working Habitat

The difference between being and working, between working alone and with the support of a group

Dynamics of Dialogue

A workshop on the processes a movement goes through before it takes shape.


Working in duets on instant composition. How to read each other, recognizing places of arrival, of “stillness”. How long they last, and what comes After.

All in one boat

On ensemble improvisation.

Improvisation for contacters (Contact Improvisation)

A take on improvisation, as seen from a contact improvisers’ point of view.

Straight, no chaser (Contact Improvisation)

A guide to exploring CI through dancing; for example in CI jams.

The gravity of watching

Practicing being active observers, both on the inside and on the borders of positive space.

The architecture of a score

Why have a score, what is a useful score, how to create it and how to refine it.

Dancing the Goldberg Variations

On the preparations for the Goldberg Variations performance, how it’s done, and what can be learnt in the process.  

Ples Dotika (Touching dance)

What dances that include touch have in common, and how to practice it. How to transgress style.

Tools that work, Tools at work

A workshop meant for acquiring tools, to then apply them to one’s own working process.