Monday at eight (2017)

Monday at eight (Ponedeljek ob osmih) – a performance of improvisation –

Performance: Jurij Konjar, Andreja Rauch Light: Jaka Šimenc Sound: Blaž Celarec Photography: Nada Žgank

“I feel the communication between us has never come easy. So it would be interesting to try and design a score, within which we could both keep working…” (from the initial email exchange, sent by Jurij to Andreja. We also invited our long time collaborates to join this project: light designer Jaka Šimenc and photographer Nada Žgank. Then finally the musician Blaž Celarec.)

It’s good to be working. It’s good to be watching good shows. A person can learn a lot. It’s good to make the kinds of shows, that you yourself would enjoy watching. The kind that can be talked about. That inspire questions. That give way to answers and questions. It’s good to be dancing. It’s good to make space for dance within a dance performance. Though dance is not all. Dance is not a show, but it can be a beginning. It can be a part of it. If there’s no light we mite speak of a concert, but not of a show. For starters, light either is, or it isn’t. Once it Is, we ask ourselves, “how?”. The light becomes important. Different to light, the sound always Is. Especially that sound, which we tend to overhear. Through making choices, the sound is differentiated from being self-evident. The sound becomes a partner. The mix of the elements occurs on stage. Within what we contribute, each of us has the freedom to act. In this synergy we generate, each of us “stands” behind our own. Though the ideas always do pollinate each other. The photography documents the show and shows it in time that is paused. Such time, which does not exist on the actual stage. After the show, photography is a part of the reflection, which feeds the process. There is no show without a public. A show can only be done on a stage, public is (at least) half the show.

Jurij Konjar, Andreja Podrzavnik Rauch, Jaka Šimenc, Blaž Celarec in Nada Žgank have been doing this for a long time. Together, we are directors, choreographers, dancers, light designers, photographers, musicians, researchers, producers, scenographers, audience. Come see us and create with us.

Jurij Konjar is an award‑winning dancer and improviser. His own projects include performances such us Catharsis for Beginners, Ulysses, Goldberg Variations, and Still.

Jaka Šimenc is a lighting designer, scenographer, the author of Theatre Without Actor, Feng Šus, and Rainbow, and technical director at the Španski borci Culture Centre.

Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik is an award‑winning author, improviser and creator‑researcher who actively participates on the Slovenian dance scene. Her works include Lasting‑Passing, Imperceptible Impulse, Time Body Trio, Tuesday, Melodies of Reflections, Melodies of Beginnings, Weavers, Passage Delux, Rebeka, Tipke.

Blaž Celarec is an all‑round percussionist, producer, cameraman, and sound designer. He is active in several music fields. He recorded almost 70 albums in the role of percussionist, 40 and as a producer or sound recorder. In addition to music groups, he has in recent years been active in the field of theater as a composer, musician and actor.

Nada Žgank received the Ksenija Hribar Award for her work at Gibanica 2017.